Management of Innovation and Business Development focuses on innovation from different perspectives including strategy, project management, entrepreneurship, management control and finance.

To remain innovative, companies need to develop new products and processes – and do it quickly. Innovation and its ability to create competitive advantage for firms are at the very core of this concentration. Through an introduction to the theory and practice of innovation, you will learn to manage and solve problems pertaining to the organization of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Our Connectivity Relations Department is looking for a bold and determined personality to join the team and help expand our Connectivity partnerships across the world.

To manage a company effectively through innovation and business development, you need structured and informed analysis. Each innovation has different aspects, some referring to its value proposition, some to its future users, some to probable responses from its competition, and so forth. An innovation does not become successful by taking a one-sided focus on these aspects. You will learn about the processes of identifying ideas for innovation, strategies in different types of companies as well as how innovation can become a part of the overall strategy of a company. You will also gain knowledge on how to put innovation on the corporate strategy agenda. In this context, Open Innovation is one of the central concepts with which you will become familiar. Open Innovation implies the tendency that innovation processes increasingly require collaboration with several stakeholders, users, suppliers, experts, etc.

In order to work in knowledge intensive companies you will acquire skills to identify and structure ideas for innovation and business development and make plans for their implementation. In order to do so, you are also provided with a thorough understanding of company organization, project management tools, and relevant tools in management and financial control.