Microsoft Flow Consulting Services

iT1 Services allow their customers to enjoy computing resources on a pay as you go model. They can access data, applications and services from any location.

iT1 services provides professional consulting and support services for Microsoft Flow, a key component of Microsoft’s Business Application Platform. We can help design and create new Flows, as well as troubleshoot and fix existing ones. We use Flow to help you automate tasks and business processes, and integrate with other Microsoft applications or third party systems. For many scenarios, you now have the ability to accomplish in hours/days what used to take weeks/months.

What We can do for you?

  • Integrate your business application with an external system using custom rest API and a wide range of data connectors and custom connectors.
  • Implement the business logic and schedule it to run at regular time intervals.For example: Check for the incoming messages in your Gmail account after every 1 hour and create Case records in the dynamics 365 based on the pre-defined criteria.
  • Send dynamic mobile notifications and emails with attachment to the users.
  • Retrieve and upload data from the cloud storage to the dynamics 365 and vice versa.
  • Save your Gmail attachments to the cloud storage.
  • Convert your files to the PDF format and send it as mail or upload it to the cloud storage as per the business needs.
  • Send mail when there is a new post on Facebook timeline, twitter etc.